Fifth Sunday of Lent

Jesus Hears the Voice of God

John 12: 20 - 33

This occasion is the third time we hear a voice speak from heaven in Jesus' presence. This third incident is recorded only by John.

The first time we heard a voice speak, Mark recorded it at Jesus' baptism. John refers to the baptism and the presence of the dove, but he doesn't mention the voice.

The second time we hear the voice speak, it is at Jesus' transfiguration, which John doesn't mention at all.

John clearly places this experience during Holy Week, after Jesus' ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

1. What did the voice from heaven say?

[The voice said, "I have already brought glory to myself, and I will do it again!"]

2. What did the people hear?

[Some of the people thought they heard thunder; others thought they heard the voice of an angel.]

3. What did Jesus promise the people?

[Jesus promised the people that if they had faith in the light, they would be children of the light.]


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