First Sunday of Lent

Jesus Is Baptized and Brings the Good News

Mark 1: 9 - 15

Matthew 3: 13 - 17

Luke 3: 21 - 22

Once more we hear the Gospel writer stretch for an everyday description of Godly things. Here, the Holy Spirit comes down to Jesus like a dove, but still retains her own identity as the Spirit that she is.

John the Baptizer is waiting at the River Jordan for Jesus as he comes down from Galilee.

Today is a good day to begin following the journeys of Jesus through the Book of Mark with a large map of Palestine at that time and colored ribbons and pins.

1. Where did Jesus come from?

[Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee.]

2. Where was Jesus baptized?

Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River.]

3. How did the Holy Spirit appear?

[The Holy Spirit came down to Jesus like a dove.]

4. What did the voice from heaven say?

[The voice from heaven said, "You are my own dear son, and I am well pleased with you."]

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