All Saints Day

Jesus Counts Our Blessings for Us

Matthew 5: 1 - 12

Luke 6: 20 - 23

This passage in Matthew is called the Sermon on the Mount (we read the Sermon on the Plain in the Year of Luke), or The Beatitudes. Beatus is the Latin word for happy, and each of these verses begins with the words, Blessed are.

You might enjoy reading the translation of this passage in The Message by Eugene Peterson.

1. Where did Jesus sit when he talked to the crowds and the disciples?

[Jesus sat on the side of a mountain.]

2.What will happen to those people who want God more than food or water?

[Those people will get what they want.]

3. What will happen to those people who make peace?

[Those people who make peace will be called children of God.]

4. What will happen to those people who are treated badly on earth for Jesus' sake?

[Those people will have great rewards in heaven.]

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