Reformation Day

The Truth Makes Us Free

John 8: 31 - 38

Although Paul continued to explore the idea of our slavery to sin in Romans and in his other writings, it is Jesus who first called us all slaves to sin.

Martin Luther used this imagery in much of his writing, and it is the sure knowledge that Jesus saved us all from our slavery to sin that became the foundation of the Reformation.

The people who were listening to Jesus thought they could not be any kind of slave because they were descended from Abraham. But Jesus knew that their sins could make them the unhappiest sort of slaves and prisoners.

1. What will happen to the people who listen to Jesus and who follow his way?

[The people who listen to Jesus will know the truth.]

2. What does knowing the truth do for people?

[Knowing the truth makes people free from sin.]

3. Who is a slave to sin?

[Anyone who does wrong things is ruled by those bad things, and therefore is a slave to sin.]

4. Who gives us freedom from sin?

[Jesus gives us freedom from sin.]


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