Eighth Sunday of Pentecost

The People Bring Sick Relatives and Friends to Jesus

Mark 6: 30 - 34, 53 - 56

As the Gospel of Mark continues, we find Jesus teaching large crowds in public places instead of small groups in individual synagogues, and healing crowds of people in the marketplace, rather than healing one person at a time in people's homes.

But one pattern remains consistent as the crowds grow: Jesus continues to alternately minister to one side of the Sea of Galilee and then to the other.

Today Jesus teaches on the Jewish side, and he heals on the Gentile side.

This story takes place after the return of the disciples from having been sent out as missionaries two by two, and after Jesus receives the news of the death of John the Baptist.

1. What did Jesus suggest to the disciples?

[Jesus said, "Let's go to a place where we can be alone and get some rest."]

2. What did the people do?

[The people guessed where Jesus was going and ran ahead and got there first.]

3. How did Jesus feel when he saw all the people?

[Jesus felt sorry for the people.]

4. Where did Jesus go when he crossed the lake?

[Jesus went to the town of Gennesaret.]

5.Where did Jesus heal people?

[Jesus healed people in villages, towns, and marketplaces.]

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