Twenty-Third Sunday of Pentecost

What Happens to Us in Heaven?

Luke 20: 27 - 38

The Sadducees were quite content with life on this earth, and they thought that the belief in the afterlife was a corruption of the oral tradition by Zoroastrian ideas from Persia. They followed the written laws of Moses alone, ignoring the laws of the oral tradition.

The Sadducees are teasing Jesus when they ask questions about heaven, but he responds strongly.

Our concept of heaven is further shaped by the Revelation of John, which was written after Jesus' death and resurrection.

1. Who were the Sadducees?

[The Sadducees were the priests of the Temple in Jerusalem.]

2. Will we become angels when we die?

[No, Jesus says we will be like angels because we will never die, but we will not become angels.]

3. How do we know there is an afterlife?

[Jesus says we know there is an afterlife because God is God of the living, not of the dead.]

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