Christmas Day I

Angels Bring Messages from God

Luke 2: 1 -14 (15 -20 )

Angels are a special order of God's creation. They are not people, any more than dogs are cats or birds are fish. Angels are called messengers, and their purpose is to bring messages from God to his people on earth.

Angels are pure light. They sparkle and shimmer; they are transparent and opalescent. They travel at the speed of light. In order to keep from frightening us, they may take human form. When they choose to do that, they look just like any ordinary person.

There are many types of angels: archangels, seraphs, cherubs, and angels, each with different appearances and duties. We know the names of only a few: Michael, the protector of all God's people, Raphael, who guided Tobias, and Gabriel, who appeared to Mary to tell her about the birth of Jesus.

When we die and go to heaven, we will worship God in glorified bodies with the angels, but we will not be angels ourselves.

1. Where did the shepherds go?

[The shepherds went to Bethlehem.]

2. What did the shepherds find?

[The shepherds found the baby lying on a bed of hay.]

3. What had the angels told the shepherds?

[Everything the shepherds had heard was just as the angels had said.]



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