Fourth Sunday in Lent

Make Thee a Fiery Serpent

Numbers 21: 8







When God told Moses to make a metal snake to save the people from dying from snake bite, he encouraged the people to look up from their own pain and misery to see something better and then to look beyond it.

Enlarge the pattern as large as you can, using heavy bronze paper for the snake - or even patterned wrapping paper.

Make the head from gold or bronze paper (origami paper works well), and use gold beads for the tail and eyes and gold wire for the forked tongue.

Fold the flat piece of paper downward on the dotted lines. Open the folds, fold the snake in half and refold. Open the snake out flat and refold, using the diagonal lines to give shape to the snake.

Glue on the head, tail, eyes, and tongue. Use small amounts of a glue that dries clear.

Hoist the snake high on a dowel rod, and lift your eyes higher than the snake, giving thanks to the God that heals our every ill.


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