First Sunday in Lent

And the Holy Spirit Coming Down to Him Like A Dove

Mark 1: 10

Just as angels sometimes take non-threatening forms when they approach people so as not to frighten them, the Holy Spirit rarely displays the full extent of her power to us.

In this passage, we see her assume the form of a dove, a bird known for her gentle cooing sounds, so that we could be aware of her presence without being overwhelmed by it.

A dove also brought good news to Noah, that the waters of the great flood were receding, and soon there would be dry land once again.

Choose any size round paper doilies. Use the largest for bulletin boards, smaller for book covers, and the smallest for Christmas tree ornaments, if you like.

I prefer white doilies for this day, but gold and silver would work as well.

Cut the doilies in half.

Let the children make the four folds, and the cut the wings and fold them up. The head is folded to one side.

Fluff them out a little, and the children will believe they are flying.


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