Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost

Jesus Tells the Disciples that He Must Suffer

Matthew 16: 21 - 28

Mark 8: 31 - 38

Luke 9: 22 - 27

Jesus tried to prepare his disciples over and over for his suffering and death during Holy Week, but they couldn't bring themselves to believe him.

Jesus was their hope for an orderly and righteous kingdom in this world, and they couldn't abandon that hope.

Peter, especially, wanted to call Jesus back to the realities of this world. But Jesus answered with one of his greatest teaching questions: What will you gain, if you own the whole world and lose your own soul?

1. Where did Jesus tell his disciples he had to go?

[Jesus told his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem.]

2. What did Jesus tell his disciples they must do?

[Jesus told the disciples they must forget about themselves.]

3. What would happen if they gave their lives for Jesus?

[If the disciples gave up their lives for Jesus, then they would find them.]


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