The Psalms of Holy Week

March with Palm Branches All the Way to the Altar

Psalm 118
Psalm 113
Psalm 8

Psalm 118 is referred to more often in the New Testament than any other psalm, and it may have been sung each year at Sukkot, the Feast of Shelters (the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles).

Like all psalms of praise, it is written in two distinct parts: the call, or exhortation, to praise, and then the reasons for praise - our praise of God is based not only on emotion, but also on clear-sightedness and careful thinking.

Psalm 113 shows the clearest example of the how the two parts are broken out. Psalm 8, an extraordinary psalm of praise, is also an outstanding example.

Even though this was the saddest week the Gospel writers had ever endured, please look at how they intertwined a song of praise throughout their stories.

An older class might want to write its own song of praise.

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