In the Time of Moses

God Sends Plagues to Pharoah in Egypt

Exodus 7: 14 The Plague of Water Turning into Blood

Exodus 8: 12 The Plague of Frogs

Exodus 8: 16 The Plague of Gnats

Exodus 8: 20 The Plague of Flies

Exodus 9: 1 The Plague on Livestock

Exodus 9: 8 The Plague of Boils

Exodus 9:13 The Plague of Thunder and Hail

Exodus 10: 1 The Plague of Locusts

Exodus 10: 21 The Plague of Darkness

Exodus 12: 29 The Plague of the Death of the Firstborn

1. What did Pharaoh do after each plague was lifted?

[After each plague was lifted, Pharoah changed his mind.]

2. Why did Pharaoh want the Israelites to stay in Egypt?

[Pharoah knew the Israelites were good workers, and he thought no more work would get done.]


3. What did Pharoah do after he let the Israelites go?

[He changed his mind again and followed them to the Sea of Reeds.]


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