Pentecost Songbook

Pentecost is the season when we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the disciples after Jesus' death and resurrection. We honor the Holy Spirit and the Christian church on earth by singing:

WOV 684 Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness
WOV 752 I, the Lord of Sea and Sky
WOV 753 You Are the Seed
Rejoice, Can You Imagine?
WOV 780 What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine
WOV 699 Blessed Assurance
WOV 754 Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ
WOV 765 Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love
LBW 165 Holy, Holy, Holy
WOV 786 Amen, We Praise Your Name
LBW 557 Let All Things Now Living
LBW 260 On Our Way Rejoicing

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