Second Sunday of Pentecost

A Wise Man Builds His House on a Rock

Matthew 7: 21 - 29

Luke 6: 47 - 49

When Jesus tells this parable, he reminds us of both Joseph's profession as a contractor and his own as a scribe.

Desert storms are rare but impressive. The flash floods of a desert rainstorm can tear a house from its foundation in an instant. And if the foundation is sand, there is no stability whatsoever.

Jesus refers to Peter as the rock on which the church is built, but we also call Jesus the rock of our faith when we sing, "The Church's One Foundation" (Lutheran Book of Worship 369).

1. Where did the wise person build his house?

[The wise person built his house on solid rock.]

2. Where did the foolish person build his house?

[The foolish person built his house on the sand.]

3. Why were the crowds surprised at Jesus' teaching?

[The crowds were surprised that Jesus taught with authority.]

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