John the Baptist

Zechariah Asks for A Writing Tablet

Luke 1: 57 - 67

People in Bible times wrote on clay tablets, which were covered with a layer of wax. When the tablet was full, they smoothed out the wax and continued to write on the newly smoothed surface, somewhat like a modern magic slate.

Zechariah and Elizabeth were the parents of John the Baptist. Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

After Zechariah was visited by the angel, he lost his speech, and he could communicate only by writing until the baby was born.

1. What did Elizabeth choose to name her baby?

[Elizabeth said, "His name is John."]

2. What did Zechariah do?

[Zechariah started speaking and praising God.]

3. What did the people know about the baby?

[They knew that the Lord was with him.]


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