Christmas Day

 By His Own Mighty Word He Holds the Universe Together

Hebrews 1: 3

As we remember and honor Adam and Eve, the servants of the God who created them, we also consider the least of God's creations.

We can use these oversized dragonflies and butterflies to make a three-dimensional garden in our Sunday school classroom, or we can use them to make a bulletin board.

Shape the dragonflies from chenille stems (this design uses four full stems) and irridesecent colored beads - blue, green, and purple are good colors. Finished size should be ten to eleven inches tall.

For the butterflies, dampen standard size coffee filters and paint with water colors. Let dry, and highlight with markers if you like. At the same time, paint round peg clothespins with acrylic paints.

When the filters and clothespins are dry, gather the filters into the clothespins (you may want to use dots of glue from a glue gun to hold them in place). Use sparkly chenille stems for the antennae.

Hang the dragonflies and butterflies with fish line and consider the delicacy and beauty of the smallest elements of God's creation.

You may want to add oversized flowers to the room or to the board.

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