Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Adam Hears God Call His Name

Genesis 2: 18 - 3: 23

This story is the second of the two creation stories in Genesis.

Adam means man, and Eve means woman.

This very first story about people in the Bible shows the deep compassion of God for all the elements of his creation.

Even though he had created Adam and Eve in a way that was pleasing for him to look at, he had compassion for their shame at their nakedness, and God made clothes to cover them both.

Adam's answer when God called his name is the beginning of the relationship of all people with God, the beginning of our religious history.

1. What did Adam do that no creature had done before him?

[Adam was the first person to hear God call his name and to answer.]

2. Did Adam take responsibility for his own actions?

[No, Adam blamed Eve instead, even though Adam's agreement with God was made before Eve was created.]

3. What three curses did God give in this story, and to whom did he give them?

[God told Adam that he must always work for a living, he told Eve that childbirth would be painful, and he told the serpent that he would always crawl on his belly.]

4. What did God do for Adam and Eve when they were ashamed of their nakedness?

[God made clothes for them out of the skins of animals.]

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