Ninth Sunday of Pentecost

How Beautiful Are the Feet of Those Who Bring Good News

Romans 10: 15

No one in the time of Jesus had beautiful feet.

Both city and country people either went barefoot or wore sandals. Country roads were rocky and dusty, and city streets were downright filthy - they didn't have street cleaners like we do today.

So most people walked almost everywhere with very little foot protection. Their feet took a lot of abuse and were the ugliest parts of their bodies.

When people entered a house, they left their sandals at the door and washed their feet before they went into the house. There was no way to get their sandals clean enough to wear indoors.

But the news about Jesus is so good, that even the feet of the person who brings the Good News are beautiful.

Buy a pair of flip-flops or go-aheads for each child at the 99-cent store. Let them decorate the sandals with artificial jewels, flowers or beads, using a glue gun. You can display them on a bulletin board if you like before you wear them.

And then go forth in new, beautiful sandals to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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