Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost

We Grow in Faith and Serve the Lord

Mark 4: 31 - 32

Matthew 17: 20 - 21

Luke 17: 5 - 10

When Jesus' disciples ask him to increase their faith, he agrees with them that their faith is lacking. But his long reply implies that faith in God grows in response to our service to God: the greater our service, the greater our faith.

See if you can find mustard seeds in specialty foods or health food stores - some supermarkets carry them as a pickling spice - and bring a variety of seeds to class.

The size of a mustard seed depends on the variety of mustard, but Jesus is probably talking about black mustard, which does grow tall and sturdy enough for finches to nest in.

1. How big is a mustard seed?

[Though not the smallest seed, a mustard seed is quite small.]

2. How does our faith germinate and grow?

[Our faith grows by the love of God and by our service to him.]


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