The Transfiguration of Our Lord

Moses' Face Shines with the Light of the Lord

Exodus 34: 29 - 35

When we encounter God face-to-face, we can be so overcome with the transforming power of the Holy Spirit that people can see the changes shining on our faces.

Moses' change, like that of Jesus on the mountaintop, was so dramatic that ordinary people were overwhelmed simply by seeing the reflection of the presence of God on his face.

Moses was accompanied by his brother, Aaron, through the time of the plagues in Egypt and through the wandering in the desert as the Israelites moved toward the Promised Land.

1. Where was Moses coming from?

[Moses was coming down from Mount Sinai.]

2. What was Moses carrying?

[Moses was carrying the Ten Commandments.]

3. How did Moses' face look?

[Moses face was shining.]

4. What did Moses wear when he was talking to the people?

[When Moses talked to the people, he covered his face with a veil.]

5. When did Moses remove the veil?

[Moses removed the veil when he went into the sacred tent to speak to the Lord.]


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