St. Mary Magdalene

Miriam Watches Over her Baby Brother

Exodus 2: 1 - 10

Exodus 15: 20 - 21

Numbers 12

Micah 6:4

Though later prophets recognize Miriam as an equal of her brothers, Moses and Aaron, in this story she is known only as the sister of Moses.

She isn't called by her own name until the Israelites cross the Sea of Reeds as they escape from the Pharaoh of Egypt. Then she leads the Israelite women in singing a song of triumph in Exodus 15: 20 - 21.

Not only was the flight from Egypt a time when the Israelites were freed from slavery, but it was also a time when women were freed to use their own names and voices.

When the Pharaoh of Egypt commanded that all the boy babies of the Israelites be thrown into the Nile River so that they would drown, Moses' mother followed his orders - but first, she put her baby boy in a basket sealed with tar, so that it would float, and the baby would be safe.

This baby grew up to be the Moses who listened to God, freed his people from slavery, received the Ten Commandments, and led his people to the Promised Land.

Pharaoh was the word the Egyptians used to mean king or ruler.

1. What did the baby's mother do to keep him safe?

[The baby's mother put him in a basket of reeds covered with tar.]

2. What did the baby's older sister do?

[The baby's older sister stood by to see what would happen to him.]

3. How did the king's daughter feel when she saw the baby?

[The king's daughter felt sorry for the baby because he was crying.]

4. Who took care of the baby until he was old enough to be adopted?

[The baby's mother took care of him.]

5. Who adopted the baby?

[The king's (or pharaoh's) daughter adopted him.]

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