The Fifth Sunday of Epiphany

Jesus Heals Peter's Mother-in -Law

Mark 1: 29 - 39

Even though we have nothing approaching an actual count of the number of people that Jesus healed, some scholars like to point out that in Mark's stories of individual healings, every time Jesus healed a Jew, he healed a Gentile, and for every time he healed a man, he healed a woman.

Certainly Jesus knew that his mission was to heal and comfort all of God's people, and we know that all people, regardless of race, gender, or religious belief, are created by God.

1. Where did Jesus go after the meeting at the synagogue?

[After the meeting, Jesus went home with Peter and Andrew.]

2. What did Peter's mother-in-law do after she was healed?

[She served dinner to everyone.]

3. After sunset, when the Sabbath was over, who came to the house?

[That evening people who were ill or had demons came to the house to be healed.]


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