The Third Sunday in Advent

Even from Prison, John the Baptist Prepares the Way for Jesus

Matthew 11: 2 - 11

Luke 7: 18 - 35

By the time of this story, John the Baptist's preaching had made the Romans nervous. Herod Antipas had thrown John the Baptist into prison.

Under Roman rule, formal charges did not have to be brought, nor did people have to be found guilty to be sent to prison; it was enough that the Romans thought John might possibly lead some sort of revolution, especially since he had gathered a large group of followers of all sorts.

1. What did John the Baptist hear about in prison?

[John the Baptist heard about Jesus' preaching and teaching.]

2. What did Jesus tell the people when they asked him whether he was the person John had preached about?

[Jesus told the people to tell John about what they had seen of Jesus and what they had heard him doing.]

3. What did Jesus say about the people around him?

[Jesus said that the blind could see, the lame could walk, the lepers were healed, and the deaf could hear.]

4. What did Jesus say about John the Baptist?

[Jesus said that John fulfilled a prophecy of God, who said, "I am sending my messenger ahead of you to get things ready for you." Jesus' reference is to Malachi 3: 1]


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