Tenth Sunday of Pentecost

We Eat the Loaves and Fishes with the 5000

Luke 9: 10 - 17

Matthew 14: 13 - 21

Mark 6: 32 - 44

The sharing of the loaves and fishes gives us an opportunity to eat like Jesus' disciples.

The fish were probably smoked (like chub or whitefish) or preserved by pickling or salting (like herring or sardines).

I haven't found a recipe for bread from barley flour, but find a loaf of coarse whole-grain rye or wheat bread. The five loaves may have been five rounds of pita bread - you may be able to find whole-wheat pita.

Add some Greek olives (ripe, instead of green) and some grapes. They didn't have seedless grapes in Palestine, but Corinthian (or champagne) grapes are delightful if you can find them.

They did eat roasted eggs, so adding the Disciple Eggs might be fun. And in honor of Abraham and Sarah, take some yogurt (plain - unflavored and unsweetened).

And you could add other Bible fruits and vegetables, like pomegranates and cucumbers.

The disciples didn't have benches and tables; they probably sat on the ground.

Ask your class if they would be willing to follow Jesus to listen to him preach and teach while they ate this sort of meal. You may be surprised by the answers.

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