Third Sunday of Pentecost

A Cup of Cold Water Is A Wonderful Gift

Matthew 10: 40 - 42

Mark 9: 41

The early Christian community took these words of Jesus to heart, becoming known for their many small kindnesses toward one another and to the larger world.

Sometimes we expect to earn a reward by doing a kind action, and we forget that the biggest reward may lie in having the opportunity to be a kind person. In other words, the reward often comes before the act, instead of afterwards.

In this passage, Jesus encourages us to recognize him in each other's hearts, and to recognize God the Father in him.

In Jesus' time, there was no refrigeration nor any way to make ice - it didn't freeze hard enough in the winter in Palestine to make ice outdoors. The only way to get cold water was to make a special trip to a well, where the water would be chilled from being deep in the ground.

1. Who do we welcome when we welcome followers of Jesus?

[We welcome Jesus himself when we welcome his followers.]

2. What does a person become when he or she welcomes a good person?

[He or she becomes a good person as well.]

3. Does Jesus ask us to give large or expensive gifts?

[Jesus says even a cup of cold water given to a thirsty person is a great gift.]

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