Twenty-first Sunday of Pentecost

All Of Us Were Like Sheep that Had Wandered Off

Isaiah 53: 6

The sheep is the recurring image of the people of God (that's us) in the Bible, in Isaiah and the Psalms as well as in the words of Jesus.

Encourage your class to meet live sheep to see what sorts of personalities and behavior they exhibit.

Meanwhile this is one sheep that makes a delightful cover or bulletin board.

For the bulletin board, put up a meadow, mountain, and pond or river background, and add the banner.

Cut the sheep shape from brown Naugahyde or other sturdy upholstery material. Make sure to flip the pattern over, so you can make sheep facing in different directions.

Glue on googly eyes and as many cotton balls as you can fit.

Make sure your class knows that sheep come in different shapes and colors with differently colored wool - there are sheep that give brown or black wool instead of white.

And know that even if we lose our way more often than sheep, Jesus always is looking to find us.

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