Fourteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Psalm 103: 5

He Gives Us the Strength of A Young Eagle

One of the many symbols we use for the Holy Spirit as we celebrate the Season of Pentecost is the wind, representing the breath of the Holy Spirit that inspires our hearts.

Our pinwheel catches the wind, reminding us that the Holy Spirit is always near.

Cut the larger pattern from 5-mil mylar (Duralar). It should be about eight inches wide. Cut the smaller pattern from 3-mil mylar (it should be about 5-1/2 inches square). Use whichever colors of mylar you can find - I used transparent mylar for the larger shape and silver for the smaller one.

Decorate the larger shape with holographic film or stickers - something with a strong adhesive that won't blow off in the wind. Again, for protection against the wind, don't bring the stickers or the film to the very edge of the mylar, but leave some space around the edges.

Punch holes in the centers of both shapes and at the four connectors of each shape. Layer the two shapes, and align the holes. Fasten the eight front holes together with a grommet for sturdiness, but don't attach the front eight connectors to the base. (Punching the holes may be the most difficult part - you may need to finish the holes with scissors or an X-acto knife.)

Attach the pinwheel to a dowel rod with a broad-headed nail or fastener, making sure the pinwheel can wheel freely, but that the wind won't blow it off.

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