Third Sunday of Lent

Jesus Gives a Fig Tree a Second Chance

Luke 13: 6 - 9

Jesus talks and teaches like a country person rather than a city person a great deal of the time.

He talks about plants and animals often, as well as telling stories about housekeeping and everyday living.

This story is one of his many parables, where he talks about the people of God as though they were trees, and God as if he were the owner of a vineyard, a garden or field where grapes are grown.

In this story, Jesus shows us what it is like to live under the grace of the living God who cares for us and gives us second chances.

1. Where was the fig tree planted?

[The fig tree was planted in the middle of a vineyard.]

2. What was wrong with the fig tree?

[It didn't bear any figs.]

3. What was the gardener planning to do to make the tree bear fruit?

[He was going to take better care of it, digging around it and giving it manure: aerating the soil and feeding it.]

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