The Very First Things You Pick Must Be Put in a Basket

Deuteronomy 26: 2

For some of us, this season is winter harvest; for others, harvest is merely a memory. But the idea that we offer God our very best, the pick of the crop, whatever the season, is very important.

Cut an old basket in half (or use a side section) and staple or nail it to the bulletin board. Since we talk about the Sacrament of Holy Communion all through the season of Lent, the most important fruits for the bulletin board are the grapes for the wine and the wheat and barley for the bread. Use artificial (plastic) fruits and leaves from the 99-cent store, or have the children make them from found objects and construction paper. Wheat and barley are available at craft stores or florists.

Think of fruits and vegetables mentioned in the Bible - apples, oranges, lemons, pomegranates, and cucumbers, and please consider the artichoke which is a true thistle, as we remember God's telling Adam in Genesis that he would eat thistles. One more time we are reminded of the grace and goodness of God, for artichokes taste so good and we like them so much - eating them cannot be punishment.

For family devotions, keep a bowl of seasonal fruits and vegetables on the dining table.

How many kinds of fruits and vegetables can you find in the Bible? Send the Bible references and their names to

This bulletin board is based on Deuteronomy 26: 2.

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