The Fifth Sunday of Epiphany

Jesus Asks Us to Let Our Light Shine

Matthew 5: 13 - 20

Mark 9: 50

Luke 14: 34, 35

Jesus tells us how to live as Christians. We are to let the whole world see what our lives are like when we follow Jesus.

Christians make a difference in the world: we make its blandness come alive, and we let the whole world see the shining light of Jesus living within our hearts.

What wonderful encouragement we have from Jesus, as he asks us to make our light shine.

1. What happens when we forget who we are as Christians?

[When we forget who we are as Christians, we bring nothing special to the world.]

2. What does God call Christians to do?

[God calls Christians to be the light for the whole world.]

3. Why does God want us to live our lives openly before others?

[God wants us to live Christian lives openly so that others will see the good that we do and they will praise God.]


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