Sixth Sunday of Easter

Jesus Promises to Send the Holy Spirit


John 14: 23 - 29

The disciples still cannot understand that Jesus' kingdom will be in heaven, not on earth. They cling to their belief that Jesus has come to overthrow the Roman government and to rule as a Jewish king over Palestine.

One more time, Jesus tells his disciples that his kingdom will be in heaven, but he tells them that they will not be alone on earth. He promises them that the Holy Spirit will come to help, comfort, and defend them, teaching them what they will need to know.

The Holy Spirit does come to them, fifty days after the Passover of Holy Thursday, on the Feast of the Pentecost.

1. Who is Jesus going to send in his place?

[Jesus will send the Holy Spirit (the Advocate, the Helper) to teach the disciples what they need to know.]

2. Why does Jesus want the disciples to be glad for him?

[Jesus wants the disciples to be glad because he is going to join his Father in heaven.]

3. Why is Jesus willing to suffer and to die on the cross?

[Jesus wants the whole world to know how much he loves his Father in heaven.]

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