Easter Sunday

The Women Were Frightened, and Yet Very Happy

Matthew 28: 8

Easter morning was the darkest of times for Jesus' followers - Jesus was dead, and they believed their lives were at risk as well.

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to Jesus' tomb while it was still dark in the early morning only to be greeted by another earthquake (there had been a large earthquake on Good Friday) and an empty tomb. They could not even perform the last kind act of preparing Jesus' body for death.

But out of this darkness of death and emptiness, came the glorious, life-saving beauty of the resurrection.

You can make your own scratch board by layering different colors of paint over canvas, finishing with black as the top layer.

Or many different sorts of scratch boards are available inexpensively in art supply or craft stores.

Using special scratch board picks, clay modeling tools, or any fairly blunt wooden stick (no pens or pencils), carefully scratch the layers away until you have made the picture you like.

We begin with the blackest of blacks early Easter morning, and we finish with a beautiful and radiant day.



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