Second Sunday of Christmas

He Gives Snow like Wool

Psalm 147: 16

Our God is a God of miracles, and it must have amazed these desert shepherds that the coldness of snow and the warmth of wool look so much alike.

Cutting seems to be a lost art for children these days. If your children have the skills (or if you are willing to teach them), ask them to cut snowflakes on the six-fold from tissue paper or plain bond paper and shape them to the mountain peaks - otherwise let them shape the laciest paper doilies you can find.

For the sheep, use tiny snowflakes (that would make the most interesting art) or cosmetic puffs or cotton balls outlined with stick-figure legs and heads in gold marker.

Use a blue background for the cover and add a black mountain range and a green plain.

Add snow to the mountains and sheep to the plain.


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