The First Sunday in Advent

My Lord, What a Morning!

Mark 13: 24 - 37

Luke 21: 25 - 36

Matthew 24: 1 - 51


We begin the New Church Year by talking about last things.

Jesus is telling his disciples what will happen before he comes to earth again after his death and resurrection.

This triumphant return is called the Second Coming, and all Christians eagerly await the day when Jesus Christ returns to rule all of the earth. The early Christians expected this return to happen in their lifetimes, and there are many references to this belief in the New Testament.

Christians today know that they have no idea when Christ will return, and that to state a day and time in our concept of the calendar is a sign of a false prophet.

Be sure to sing "My Lord, What A Morning" (With One Voice 627).

1. What will the people do before Jesus comes back to earth?

[They will faint from fear.]

2. How will Jesus come back?

[He will come in a cloud of glory.]

3. Why is Jesus' second coming good news?

[The saving of all people is near, and we will all be reunited with Jesus.]

4. What does Jesus say about heaven and earth?

[Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.]


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